Get A Furnace Tune Up Today

Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by

Summer is quickly coming to an end and before you know it winter will be upon us. Having a broken furnace causes stress and unneeded frustrations. We have all been there, sitting in our cold homes wishing our heater would just turn on! I can’t tell you how frustrating it really is until it actually happens to you.

A few winters ago I was sitting in my home watching the snow fall come down. It was one of the first snow falls of the winter and at that same moment I noticed a chill in the air. How could it be? Was my furnace not kicking on? I went to the thermostat on the wall and saw the house was at 68 degrees, our heater set at 70 degrees. I knew right then something was wrong.

How could I have let this happen? A simple furnace tune up would have found any possible issues before the cold weather came upon us. Just like a car tune up, your furnace also needs a tune up ever so often to make sure its working in correct order. Luckily all that was needed on my furnace was a new relay and we were back to having a nice warm house.

Be sure to contact Furnace Repair Spokane for any of your furnace or heating needs. Don’t wait until its too late and your house starts to get cold!